Saturday, 12 February 2011

Finished Work

One of my most recent pieces, this is my big bear, he’s quite happy and content in his rubber dingy which is why life is sweet. This was a doodle on a scrap of paper which I could visualise in my head, but I transformed him into a living imaginative character. i enjoy building characters the most, because i make them really personal to me and the way they develop depends on how I feel, when I made him I was in quite a happy place.
I drew this on my boyfriends whiteboard the week before Christmas, it was literally a 2 minute doodle but I photographed it and turned him into a beauty. In my mind, he’s the secret forest ranger that looks after all the Christmas trees until Christmas, then he sets them free for others to enjoy. He towers over the forests but nobody ever notices him. He’s just doing his job.

I made this from all the doodles I had been doing over a matter of weeks, it has no purpose of meaning, it just shows who I am. This is west means… this is a bit odd or weird, and I’ve come to realise this is exactly what I stand for, no matter how much I try and blend in and be like everyone else, I just don’t know how to. This is how my brain works, this is what I create, this is my imagination.

I made this just for fun because I enjoy a biscuit with a cup of tea, but I never know which to pick... It’s really basic with just red white and black colours.  I just fancied experimenting with something a big more simple as I normally add quite a lot to my images.

This was a project set by Stockport College, to design the head, body and legs, in any way you like... Then swap them around with others to create quite funny looking people! These were a few of the things I drew that I put together into posters because they work quite well together. I played around with different materials on this project and had a lot of variations to mix up.

The Othello posters was a project set by Stockport College, I decided to make it quite minimal, selecting key pieces from the plays to make little details in my posters. They are quite playful and sweet with scratchy text line drawings. I scanned in my text and drawings and edited them digitally. I enjoy working in this style.
This is my exhibition poster I designed for the end of year show when I was at Pendleton College. The original octopus was done in water colour and then I scanned it in and altered him slightly. If I was to do it again I’d use a type face and draw the octopus digitally to neaten him up!

This was my design for the invitation for the design show; the idea was for it to be double sided with 2 holes for your fingers to fit in so it looked like the little chap was walking to the show. I used toned down colours against bold darker text.

This is the back and front for a magazine cover of computer arts. I made this in my first year at college. It’s supposed to be the 4 wolfs picking on the little wolf with his delicious ham, so they are planning a way to take it from him. Another little glimpse into my imagination!

As part of a set of 6 this was one of my last projects I did when I was at Stockport College, we were told to draw lots of different variations of 3 things. I chose birds, cats and aeroplanes. With which we created different images that fitted different themes. The top one is ‘war’ and the bottom one is ‘love’. I think when they are all together they look really lovely! As they all bounce off each other with the similar styles and colours.

These are two logo I made for my friend who is a dj. this is his stage name, the idea behind it is how his music sounds when he plays live, and how it makes you feel, very crisp and bold and gets everybody jumping!


This project was one of my favourites at college in my second year, it was all about my ‘pet lobster’ running away to travel around the world. And I put posters up and made appeals for him to come back and people from all over the world send me letters and emails saying they had seen him! My final pieces were 3 a3 posters made in photoshop. I really enjoyed this project because I got loads of people involved and I had a good laugh doing it. 

 I went to Amsterdam in November last year and this was just the book I put together while I was there, I wanted to show this because this is one of the many scrapbooks that I have made when I’m going different places, I take a lot of photographs, keep all my tickets and leaflets and create a journey so I have something to always remember! I have kept a diary since I was 12 and It's nice to look back on what was I was doing!

This is just a sketchbook I was doing at college; it was full of artists that inspired me at the time and a bit of typography in it too. This is to just show the style I work in, I use a lot of materials and build up layers so my pages are so thick it the book doesn’t close anymore! I experimented with lots of different media and I use a lot of masking tape and watercolour in my sketchbooks.

This is the sketchbook for my book arts project, its full of planning and experimenting with printing and fabrics. I made a 3d book from fabric which was hand sewed and this shows the method and thought process from the initial idea up to the finished piece. It’s not the most beautiful but it’s very constructive and shows my working steps. I really enjoyed this project because I tried something completely new and really put my heart into it and I was really proud of the final piece.